Dear Oakland Sewn customers,

I keep getting requests for facemasks, but I still can't bring myself to "sell" them with so many people suffering from this pandemic.  I've come up with my own way of providing masks to those in need, and encourage other mask-makers out there to use this idea in their community as well. I really do think it's a win-win.  Stay Safe and Take Care!  Chris



I make no money from your purchase in any way. You pay the fabric store directly, not me. The owner will notify me when she receives your order. My website is used to collect your order info, name, address only.  The minimum website charge of $1.00 will be used to ship your mask.




Hi Neighbors! I am one of many local mask makers ( thank you all!!) donating my time and materials to support our community. I've personally made over 500 masks that have been donated to Oakland and Berkeley clinics, nursing homes, and churches and plan to continue as long as these are needed in the community. HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP OUR COMMUNITY AND LOCAL BUSINESS, AND GET A MASK FOR YOURSELF: Place a phone order to our local fabric store on Piedmont Ave (Piedmont Fabrics 510-655-1213) for a yard of cotton fabric to contribute 6-7 masks for this project. The owner of Piedmont Fabrics, Lan, is familiar with the project, knows me well, and will happily take your phone order. I will send you a lovely 100% cotton two-layer cloth mask with elastic ear loops for each yard you purchase. You never have to leave your house and can be so helpful to others. Thanks for your support!

Community Facemask Project

Crazy Factor
Yards of Material I Purchased from Piedmont Fabric


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