Totally Fake Reviews




"I bought this bag to carry my dog.  He won’t stay inside. Now I have to sell my dog. Terrible, unforeseen outcomes."


"I’ve known this owner for a long time.  If she’s the one I’m thinking about. Maybe not, though. " 


"How about some accuracy, people? !! This is NOT “an enormous, large scale, tent-sized bag that will change your life forever”. It’s the size of a TOTE. Get real."


“I bought one for my mother. She hated it. So I’m buying her another one just like it. I am NOT getting pushed around here….”


"Why should I face financial ruin and public disgrace for that one small lapse in judgment???   I bought the damn bag."


"If only I had known about this bag when I was going through puberty. Puberty was bad."

"One day I was broke, depressed, with negative thoughts. It was raining. Then I bought this bag. Guess what?  Nothing changed. What a waste."


"I am torn but the bag is not torn".  

"I met the owner - omg what a TOTAL knockout.  Amazing.  I'll buy her bags just to see that luscious face again."  

" I really do try to be tolerant, but honestly, what's with all the bags?  I don't get it. Still, I try to be accepting with the diversity thing".


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